Task Report

Brimham Rocks, Sunday 17th November 2013

14 Volunteers, Report: Pete. Photos: Steve
Removing Platform

Today we returned to the nature reserve section of Brimham for two main tasks. In a number of previous tasks we had installed three pond dipping platforms for school parties to use, utilising a number of old barn doors and other reclaimed wood (classic Brimham as Lisa, the head ranger, remarked). Lisa’s aim for next year is to extend the size of the pond and increase the number of platforms, so our job was to remove the old ones. We must have done a good job of putting them in as it proved quite a struggle getting all the doors up and the various posts out of the pond. The job was made easier by the appearance of tea, coffee and biscuits on the back of the pickup, kindly put on by Lisa – very welcome.

While we were doing this, another group had the job of erecting a screen between the education area and the main road, to act as a safety barrier. The chosen method, after some discussion, was to put in pairs of posts and then weave in fallen brash from the surrounding wood. This worked surprisingly well, as can be seen in the accompanying photo from Steve.
Brash Fence

Just before lunch a few of us headed down to Druid’s Farm to get a fire going. After some careful nursing over lunch, it was soon roaring and quickly consumed the brash pile. Towards the end of the day, Sophie turned up to say hello accompanied by home-made lemon drizzle cake. It was great to find out how she was getting on in her new job, while eating cake around the fire.

Photos from this task

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