Task Report

East Riddlesden Hall, Sunday 28th July 2013

20 Volunteers, Report: Colin, Photos: Steve

An excellent turnout (as usual for East Ridd, which is always a popular property with WYNT Volunteers) working with Nick the groundsman. Most people spent the day pulling up Himalayan Balsam down by the river but others were composting hay cut from the bank earlier in the week; filling potholes in the drive with tarmac; cutting back, and in one place removing, ivy from the car park walls; cutting back vegetation behind the Airedale barn; and replacing the rotten bottom step on the steps down to the field.



A very warm day, with just one short sharp shower to refresh those who might have been flagging a bit after barrowing away all that had been pulled up and cut down. A huge amount was done, and Nick was particularly impressed with the vast quantities of Balsam pulled up and destroyed. There’s a lot more to do further along the river bank but it will be flowering and seeding in the next few weeks, so that will have to wait until next year but hopefully repeated efforts will result in Balsam-free areas, as has been achieved at Hardcastle Crags after a few years of annual blitzes. Thanks to Nick who bought us cake.

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