Task Report

Brimham Rocks, Sunday 30th June 2013

13 Volunteers, Report: Colin. Photos: Steve

Crossing Stream

A generally cloudy day and a bit chilly on arrival with a few spots of rain but it stayed dry and soon became quite warm, with some hazy sunshine in the afternoon. Sophie provided a choice of good jobs for us at the far side of the property, the other side of Brimham Rocks Road, and a good walk from the car park. Anyone prepared to get muddy and keen to improvise (which was most of us) was directed towards a pile of recycled timber and asked to construct a boardwalk over a very boggy section of path and a small stream in a deep ditch. Anyone not that keen on mud or construction had the option of cutting down small birch and rowan trees, and dragging them (a long way uphill!) to the nearest track where they could be taken away in the pick-up at some future date.

Finished Crossing

Those of us on boardwalk construction pulled up bracken and cut down trees to divert the old path to what we thought was a less boggy section. Well, it was before we started trampling all over it. We also widened the path the other side of the stream to make it more accessible. Improvisation and two sections of boardwalk completed, the construction team joined the others in scrub clearance until, exhausted, we began to flag and Sophie offered to buy an ice cream for anyone prepared to walk up to the kiosk after walking back to the car park. Funnily enough, most of us found just enough reserves of energy to do that. Thanks Sophie.

Finally, a mention of 10 and 11 year-old, Jack and Josh, who joined us with their mother Kathryn (and very well-behaved dog, Georgie) and got stuck in with great enthusiasm. If this becomes a regular thing, we might have to consider resurrecting our old name of The Young National Trust West Yorkshire!

Brash Dragging

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